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Conditions of Hire

Child Protection Requirements

It is now a DECD requirement that all persons using/hiring a DECD facility have a current Criminal and Relevant History Screening. 

You will need to arrange for  a copy of a current police check for ALL supervisors, adult instructors and adult volunteers to be 

sent to the Warradale Urban Camp School prior to your stay. 

You can review the DECD information sheet here.

Shared Arrangement

As a good will gesture you may be asked to share the campsite. 

All efforts will be taken to ensure that schools who opt in sharing the campsite will do so with like for like schools (e.g. primary with primary, secondary with secondary, year level appropriate.)  This is a negotiated option.

Fire Regulations

Fire Safety Regulations require that an evacuation procedure be practiced early in your stay at the Warradale Urban Camp School to ensure familiarity with emergency exits and fire fighting equipment. If security measures are not carried out as per instructions already given, a fee of $50.00 will be added to the final account. 


Cancellation of a confirmed booking will result in the forfeiting of the deposit $100.00. 

Damage Fee

A fee of up to $100 will be charged to the school / organization if the camp site is not left in a satisfactory condition.

To avoid this and to enable us to maintain this excellent facility, a condition of hire is that you ensure:

While on Camp

You are required to maintain the following areas in neat and tidy manner

  • Kitchen

  • Dormitories

  • Dining

  • Recreation

  • Shower /toilet

  • Laundry areas.

  • All equipment is left inside.

  • The building including windows is secured at all times.

  • Students should not be allowed to take food in dormitories

  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed on the campsite.

At the conclusion of camp

  • Hired DVD's from outside agencies are returned.

  • Damages/breakages are reported in the feedback sheet

  • Barbecue (if used) is thoroughly cleaned.

  • All sport equipment is packed and returned to resource cupboards.

  • All windows & blinds/curtains closed.

  • All lights, fans and air conditioner are switched off.

  • Waste bins in kitchens and bathrooms are emptied in the waste bin located outside. Fridge & Freezer cleaned. (No leftovers in the fridge).

  • Mattress in each bunk bed is placed properly. (Students should not shift mattresses from one bunk to another)

  • All blankets are neatly folded and returned to the cupboard

  • All chairs are stacked in the dining room.

  • Dining, kitchen, laundry, toilet/shower and passage areas are tidied. (no mopping/vacuuming) 

  • Cleaning equipment and cleaning materials are returned to the laundry.

  • Feedback sheet & honesty sheet for the use of resources are completed and returned with keys.

  • Security alarm is turned on before departure


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